the cloudTo keep it simple, the Cloud is storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of using your computer hard drive. Storing data and running programs on your hard drive is called Local Storage.

The Cloud is a subscription based service and you no longer purchase the retail copy over the counter at your retailer.

The Cloud is a network of servers that provides different functions in virtual space. Most servers use their computing power to run applications or deliver Software as a Service (SaaS).MS Office 365

Services include Hosted Email Services to advanced software applications that you run using your web browser instead of installing it on your computer. The cloud also provides you with the ability to share and/or sync your data from your mobile device to your computer by using the network of servers that are offered by the application vendor.

Benefits Include:
Businesses reduce their administrative overhead by removing servers from their network. Overtime reducing the costs to maintain and upgrade both the hardware and software required to keep their systems running smoothly. Savings can be significant because the system offers the ability to scale up and down on demand.

The cloud upgrades automatically so your business is always on the most current version of the application package offered.

Mobility is greatly increased by allowing businesses to give access to their employees from anytime and anywhere with Internet access. Thus globalizing your workforce and allowing your business to streamline processes.

Reduced Risk for critical business applications and data in the event of a hardware failure. Local hardware failure requires more time and overhead to restore back to the previous state. Cloud services for top tier service providers span your data across multiple data centers on multiple servers across the world. Meaning that if your local hard drive fails you don’t lose your business data! Just log into another computer and go back to work quickly.DropboxLogo

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