MinnDak IT Assessment Service

MinnDak IT Assessment Service

Why should my business have an IT Assessment?

For business owners or IT managers an IT Assessment gives you a clear picture of your infrastructure and the security posture of how the IT environment is set up and being maintained.  If your company is considering expanding your network, an IT Assessment is a great means of taking inventory and establishing a baseline of current performance levels.  An IT Assessment will identify equipment that is performing poorly or near its End-of-Life and may also reveal the skill level of the IT staff that is configuring and maintaining the IT environment.

An IT system isn’t just technology for technology’s sake. Technology should help meet specific business goals and provide value. An IT Assessment can make sure that the technology is meeting these goals, or provide a blueprint for improving the technology and a specific, measurable template for achieving business objectives.  It can also ensure that technology and security is in compliance with desired business guidelines and best practices.

Any business in today’s environment is running on a network of connected computers, servers, printers, and other hardware.  The network is the backbone of the entire company and can become a major bottleneck in business applications.  An IT Assessment will provide a network performance review and make recommendations based on traffic, errors, packet loss, and conflicts that can bring a business network to a halt.  Investing in new Servers and PCs is a waste of money if it is attached to an inefficient network.

There are any number of reasons that would motivate a business to perform an IT Assessment. For example, if an IT employee recently gave their notice, it would be a good idea to have an independent third party assess the IT infrastructure and provide an unbiased report of how the employee is leaving the IT environment; are there any open issues that need to be addressed?  Another common motivator is that the business feels they are outgrowing the capabilities of the current IT Service Provider.  No matter what the motivation is, having an IT Assessment preformed can help you establish the current health of your IT environment and you receive the added bonus of evaluating the professional service and engineering work of the assessing IT Service Provider.

A typical IT Assessment consists of 5 key evaluation areas:

  • Server & Desktop Infrastructure
  • Operating Systems & User Permissions
  • Security Patching & Anti-Virus/Malware Status
  • Data Backups & Business Continuity
  • LAN/WAN/WiFi Performance &Security

What is the process for completing an IT Assessment?

  • Kickoff meeting to define the expectations, timeline, and the desired results for the business.
  • Initial onsite inventory and assessment is completed by the MinnDak team.
  • Follow-up Q&A meeting so the MinnDak team can get crystal clear on the initial visit findings.
  • MinnDak team completes final written report and findings to the business via PDF.
  • Final meeting to go over the report with the MinnDak team for any Q&A.

What is the deliverable of an IT Assessment?

The deliverable in an IT Assessment is the final report which will include recommended remediation. The assessment data is reviewed and compared with best practices, business requirements and common design requirements.  The results from the assessment are then utilized to develop specific recommendations that focus on design, equipment configuration, and security improvements.  MinnDak will provide a final report that gives the business specific prioritized recommendations to remedy for the most significant issues. 

The security of your company data is a top priority. Proactive security measures will protect the data from those that try to harm your business, so the ability to demonstrate good security is essential. An IT Assessment will evaluate and make recommendations to close holes in security and help create a more secure computing environment for critical data.

The most important result of the IT Assessment is that your backups are current and actively working correctly. MinnDak often finds that the wrong data is being backed up, or backup failures are going undetected and are not being corrected. Often, the backups are not being tested at all, so you really don’t know if the backup copy is viable or could actually restore data when called upon to do so.