Help DeskMinnDak offers 2 simple ways to request a support ticket.

1 – By Phone: 701-356-6819
2 – By Email:



MinnDak Support is tracked through our ticketing system. From start to finish you can receive updates on the status of your request through email. Leveraging the system the technician can email you additional questions, and you simply reply to the email to automatically update them with the information desired.

This system is critical to our team to maintain a high level of communication and accountability to our customers.


MinnDak offers Remote Monitoring and Management services using Autotask Endpoint Management.

This tool enhances the ability for our support team to view real time statistics and receive critical alerts about the health of the computers, servers, and networking systems.

This solution is paired with the GoToAssist remote access tool so the support team can have redundant hands on access to the business critical systems. This allows for quick access to complete remote repairs, changes, or checkups.

These tools are included with our Managed Services Solutions